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General Service Conditions

Article 1 - General
These terms and conditions apply to all offers and estimates made and to all agreements relating to our services. By placing an order, the client accepts these terms and conditions to the exclusion of any other condition.

Article 2 - Estimates and orders
Any work commanded/ordered by the client has to be the object of an order form or an estimate signed for acceptance by the client.

Article 3 - Delivery
The delivery deadline is taken to be indicative. The overtakings of delivery deadline cannot give rise to damage, interests, retained nor cancellation of current order. The delivery term agreed will be automatically suspended in the case of non payment or delayed payment by the client.

Article 4 - Content of documents
We take no responsibility for the content of delivered documents which stays under the whole responsibility of the client.

Article 5 - Payment Terms
The maturity date concerned the invoice corresponds to the date of payability. The payment is considered made when the service provider has the full availability of funds, in payment of realized work. The client, considering the used payment forms, should take any measure to honour any payment within the time limit allowed. Any pre-payment will not give rise to discount. In the case of a totally or partially delayed payment, the client will be obliged to pay the service provider interest on the amount due and invoiced in accordance with the French laws.

Article 6 - Confidentiality
We make a commitment to respect the confidentiality of the contents of documents or works ordered by our clients.

Article 7 - Delivery costs
Delivery costs are chargeable to the client according to the current rates.

Article 8 - Traveling costs
For any request to work outside, traveling costs will be billed to the client, according to the current rates.

Article 9 - Lawsuits
All disputes shall be handled by French courts.

Article 10 - Status
Professional category : self-entrepreneur APE : 8219Z code
SIREN : 518 153 069
Name : Secretariat à distance
e-mail :
Other possible status : Wage earner in Wage Porterage

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- Transcription of audio files in Spanish for a medico pharmaceutical investigation.
- Dynamic spreadsheets in Excel.
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All secretarial work
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