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We can transcribe for you in Spanish or French, as well as in English ! Our Spanish or French transcriptionist is a highly educated native speaker.

All the created documents are entirely controlled and read again.

All transcriptions are read again during a second listening in order to avoid any incoherence.

Reliability : the best word-processing performance.
Quickness : we know how to adapt ourselves to your priorities.
Flexibility: from the liberal profession to the big structure.
Competitiveness : prices adapted to your requirements.
Confidentiality : we transcribe your texts confidentiality !

No matter what document you choose, we can work from all types of media, including cassettes, tapes, disks or digital files.

- Audio dictations, theses, reports, brochures
- Interviews, advertisements, movies, tv series, songs
- Business, social or religious meetings
- Works councils, conferences, assemblies, seminars, trainings
- Marketing or medical investigations or others.

We handle the most popular audio and video formats, AAC, AIFF, AVI, DSS, DVF, FLV, MOV, MP3, MP4, OGG, QT, RM, SWF, WAV, WMA, WMV, and we retranscribe them to any document format you wish, MS Word, PDF or text. (If you wish, you can send us your cassettes, CD or DVD by mail)

According to your needs, there are several levels of transcription :

Level I - Verbatim Transcription :
Every word, every false start to a sentence, every "uh," and stutter is transcribed faithfully. (Approximately 25 pages per hour recording)

Level II - Semi-Verbatim Transcription :
Phrasing and sentence structure is exact, but stutters and false starts are cleaned up in the transcribed document. (Approximately 20 pages per hour recording)

Level III - Edited Transcription :
The speech is faithfully restored. Grammar and errors are corrected and sentences arranged if necessary. (Approximately 15 pages per hour recording)

Level IV - Report :
We elaborate a report from your recording, by keeping the main part of the speech, without dialogues. (Approximately 5 pages per hour recording)

Level V - Synthetic transcription :
Only the essential points are retained (the irrelevant passages are not retranscribed). (Approximately 5 pages per hour recording)

These levels of transcription are given as a guide. Before any mission, we will define together the level of transcription in accordance with your expectations.
All estimates may vary depending on recording quality according to the audio file sent by you as sample.

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Software :
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- PhotoFiltre
- Access
- Ciel
- Flash
- Internet Explorer
- Notepad++ (Edition Html)
- VLC Media Player
- PDF Transformer

Last works :
- Transcription of audio files in Spanish for a medico pharmaceutical investigation.
- Dynamic spreadsheets in Excel.
- Web site design with our partner :

Ask for an estimate under 24 hours :
All secretarial work
We work on holidays !
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